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We offer Mesquite slab leak detection and repair plumbing services. When you have a slab leak the right choice is to hire experienced slab leak plumbers to locate and repair the slab leak. Our company, Slableak Specialist, has a team of experienced Mesquite slab leak detection repair plumbers and the equipment to get the job done right.

Mesquite slab leak detection plumber jackhammering concreteWhat causes Mesquite Slab Leak Detection and Repairs?

In Texas we have a warmer climate and there is no need to go to the extra expense of constructing a basement and hanging the pipes in the basement. In the warmer climate States it is more cost effective to install the pipes in the soil just underneath where the concrete foundation is poured. After the pipes are installed there are many factors that can cause the need for Mesquite slab leak detection. The type of minerals in the soil can cause plumbing pipe corrosion, and this deteriorates the pipe causing the need for Mesquite slab leak detection. Pipes also can be dented while the concrete contractors are pouring the concrete. The water flowing past the dented area can cause a slab leak. Older homes have copper pipes installed under the concrete. When the copper pipe is located too close to a re-bar and lightning strikes, it can burn a hole in the pipe from the steel re-bar. The other factor that causes the need for Mesquite slab leak detection is when the electric service is grounded to the copper water pipes causing electrolysis. All these factors can cause a slab leak.Mesquite slab leak detection

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If you think that you may need Mesquite slab leak detection, contact us for a free consultation. If you know you have a slab leak we can give you a free estimate for the Mesquite slab leak detection and repair. The last thing you need is a slab leak that can cause structural damage, or even worse a plumber who does not know how to properly repair a slab leak. There are many companies who will offer to tunnel under your house to fix the slab leak. Do not let them do that. It will undermine the foundation and cause you more expensive repairs. We have a structural engineer you can consult about tunneling under your home and the problems it can cause. Call us if you would like more information or click here for a D.I.Y homeowner evaluation.

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